Donation Currency Selection

If you don't want your donors to be able to select an arbitrary donation currency when donating to your campaign, you can simply hide the donation currency selector. It's also possible to default all donations in your campaign's currency.

Hiding the currency selector and using the default campaign currency, will force donors to make their donation in your campaign's currency.

Automatic Currency Detection

By default, your campaign will have "Automatic currency detection" enabled. Your campaign will try and identify the geographical location of the donor, and match the currency for their geographical location.

So a visitor in the United States will have USD automatically selected, a visor from New Zealand will have NZD selected and so on.

You can disable this feature from your Settings > Campaign Settings:

The donation currency will then default to your campaign's currency rather than trying to detect the visitor's currency. Visitors will still be able to change their donation currency with the currency selector.

Donation form currency selector

The currency selector is a dropdown box that appears in your donation form, it will look something like this:

Donors will be able to click this and change the currency that they are donating in. If you want to prevent this, you will need to hide this dropdown box using CSS.

How to hide the currency selector

First, open up for your campaign's Design > Custom CSS (Edit Campaign CSS) and this is where we can add some code to hide the dropdown. Down the very bottom of your custom styles Custom CSS, you can add the following line:

.donation-form__amount-currency { display: none; }

This will result in all your donation forms looking like this:

Should I hide my currency selector?

It depends on your situation, but it can be very helpful if you're targeting a specific geographical location and want to avoid arbitrary donation currencies being selected.

One important note is that It becomes less clear what the current donation currency is when making an amount selection. Because the currency selector states the current currency at the first step of the donation form, it's clear to the donor what currency they are donating in. 

With it hidden, it's not until the final stage of the donation form what currency they are donating in - so keep this in mind!

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