New in February 2021

We've been heads down working on lots of new features this February. We've got a few to tell you about now, with loads more to come in March!

New features

  • Report timezones and date formats
    Raisely's CSV reports will now show dates in your local time (the time your computer is set to) instead of UTC. You can also customise the format dates download in. It'll default to ISO8601, but you can choose from a few other friendlier formats under Organisation > Organisation Settings.
  • ⚡️ Our Zapier app is in beta
    Raisely has a brand new Zapier app, to make connecting to all of the things so much easier! You can read more about the app and how to use it here.


  • You can now remove donation items from donations, which is especially handy when you refund someone their registration fee. (If you're not sure what donation items are, they're used for things like registration fees or merchandise purchases).
  • We've added a little # button to insert merge fields in message text fields (like tables and the subject line).

Bug fixes

  • It's now easier for your supporters to log out of their fundraising page on IE11 (it was previously quite hard!)
  • There was a niggly bug stopping you from adding new fields to interactions, that's fixed too.
  • Blog posts now show the friendly face of their author, instead of our default profile pic.
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