Raisely Glossary

It can be confusing to switch back and forth between organizations and the terms used in specific campaigns. We've created this glossary to help make navigating and communicating with Raisely easier 🎉.


Site users found in the People area of your account. This means the People area holds your user records and information account-wide. This is an important distinction to make when creating Custom Fields to make sure the data is accessible where you need it.


Fundraisers are your profile users/owners. These are the users that have gone through your Signup Form process and have created public-facing profile pages. When running In Memorium campaigns fundraisers are those that run the individual memorial pages. 

Fundraiser Profile

Public-facing profile pages as run by the fundraisers. Fundraiser profiles also serve as the individual In Memorium pages for In Memorium campaigns where these serve as the memorial page. If a campaign does not have open signups the organisation admins run the fundraiser profiles. 


Groups of fundraisers made up of two or more profiles. When needed, admins can set teams within teams with the help of Raisely support.

Team Leader

Team profile owners. Teams created by individual fundraisers are automatically owned by the fundraiser. Teams created in the backend by admins must have a Team Leader assigned or these will default to being owned by the campaign profile.


Donations made to campaigns or specific profiles. 

Regular Donations

These are recurring donations/subscriptions initiated by donors through the Donation Form. Regular donations can be managed by both organisation admins and donors. Read more here: Manage Regular Giving

Payment Gateway

Payment processing providers integrated through Raisely. Currently, these are Stripe and PayPal. Read more here: Receive and Process Payments

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